3 tips to make your website a Sales Engine Now (Miss it…Miss out)

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If you are the head of marketing at your company or the CEO, sales obviously is one of your biggest concerns because it directly affects you.
If you search on google about how to increase sales, I bet you would find a million results, but none actually tells you what to do and what not to do. In this article, I have written out 3 things that can make or mare your sales online.


One difficult task for copywriters and entrepreneurs is keeping it short. We want to talk about all the amazing features of our product and provide so many technical details.
The truth is, this only works if what you are preparing is a user manual, but for marketing campaigns and website copies, communicating clearly is key to making people actually buy.
The truth is, this only works if what you are preparing is a user manual, but for marketing campaigns and website copies, communicating clearly is key to making people actually buy.
So here are 3 tips to turn your website into a Sales Engine:

#1 Don’t talk about your company, Talk about the Customer

Most websites are filled with information about the companies, their vision, mission, awards, pictures. The truth is people don’t really care about all these information. I love an example given by Donald Miller of Story Brand when he said..

Imagine your customer is a hitchhiker. You pull over to give him a lift, and the one burning question on his mind is simply, “Where are you going?”

But as he approaches, you roll down the window and start talking about your driving philosophy, or the fact that your grandfather built this car with his bare hands, or that your road trip playlist is all 60’s rock. This person doesn’t care. All he wants to do is get to San Francisco!

Your content should be focused on telling the customer what the benefits as quickly as possible and not just defining terminologies that make no sense to them.


#2 – Provide a clear path to getting your solution

Let me assume you have gotten my first point correctly, you need to provide a clear path for your customer to achieve the solution your product or service is offering.
But I need you to think of this, Most people buy products or services they can’t do themselves, so the process to get your promised solution, to you may be simple because you know how it works.

But Please remember your customers are nothing like you if they were then they may as well render the service or product to themselves.

Have you ever walked into an organization, say a school trying to apply for an admission and you became so confused on how to go about the application (your problem)?

While that was happening  in your mind and an admin walks to you and says, this what you should do:

  1. Pick up the application form at that office
  2. Fill it and submit it to the grey building
  3. Go to the Cafe and get your biometrics done
  4. Submit your printout at the registrars’ office and you are good to go

Life becomes so easy, you immediately see yourself completing the application process. You are encourage to go on as you complete each of the small tasks needed.

It is exactly the same for your customer. So you need to highlight on your website the steps your customer need to get your solution!

#3 – Have an action for them to take

it’s amazing to note that this is the simplest thing to do but it’s also the most omitted feature on most websites.
Give people an action to take to begin the process you just spelled out in Point #2. Ensure your call to action is compelling, catchy (use colors that make them obvious) and position them in areas where they would be seen.


If your the first step of your process is consultation, use a call to action like BOOK NOW, BOOK A FREE CONSULTATION, SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION, etc.
Your website visitors would not take any action in most cases if you do not directly ask them to with clear call to actions.


Here are the points we’ve covered and trust me there are still many more uncovered-
  1. Talk about your customers, not yourself
  2. Show the Customer the Steps/Process to getting your product.
  3. Directly ask them to take action by using strong and compelling call to actions.
Growing your business online is POSSIBLE but needs a lot of experience and training which can be overwhelming, and this is totally normal so don’t take it personally.
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Now take action on what you’ve read right away visit aretehost and schedule a consultation
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