570 Hot Selling Midu Ideas you can sell on Miduman

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As popularly talked about, Miduman is a hot selling Marketplace for Developers, Graphic Designers, Writers, Tech Enthusiasts and all sort of Digital Service Providers. Majorly because of its traffic of high value clients seeking to hire for one Remote Service or the other. If you are wondering what remote service means, it simply means a service that can be offered without necessarily having to make physical contact with the person.

To help you understand the difference between a Remote Service and a Physical Service better, see the example I have given below;

[REMOTE SERVICE]: Ifeoma is a portrait painter, she can paint a picture which a client sends to her online and ship it to that client without ever having to see the client physically to execute the service, this is a remote service. In the same vein a Digital Marketer can help promote your business brand online without ever having to meet with you physically.

[PHYSICAL SERVICE]: But if Adeshola is offering plumbing services, his service cannot be rendered without having to do the work in a physical location specified by the client, because plumbing services can neither be done online nor shipped to a customer. However, if he provides online plumbing training, it would qualify as a remotely delivered service.

If the examples above are not clear enough, just read again till you understand it!


Moving Further, I want you to note that while some freelancers are yet to make N5 naira on Miduman some take home more than N270k per Job! It’s not magic or sheer luck, We have several articles on how you can become like them, read how to market your skill on Miduman, you should also read How to become a mover (Get buyers to notice you and sell countless times).

Like I said, it is not magic. If you want to sell, you have to put in the work! If you can’t read, those recommended post above, I doubt that you have what it takes to sell… I really do! It’s not personal, so don’t take offense.

I have written this post to support those who are newbies on miduman and those who need more in the game. Below, I have compiled an awesome list of 570 Hot Midu Ideas, that people are most likely going to buy and have low competition on our platform. That means if you use these suggestions below you are likely to make sales quickly! 


(I think I hear you clapping, you can do better…)

Also, I took the pain of categorizing them, so you can easily access your area of interest and I also covered ever category we have on our website! That means even if you feel you can’t render any service, you would find and area of strength somewhere, I bet you would find something you can do even if all you know to do is posting on Instagram or Facebook!

(Tell Akin Alabi – (Owner of Nairabet, the first sport betting site in Nigeria) to include it on Nairabet, I would put a Million Naira on it…)


Disclaimer: The author or Miduman, any of it’s staff, associates would not be responsible for results gotten by applying the Ideas suggested here, and are fully indemnified from any legal issue arising from following the advice here. Your use of these suggestions are in your sole discretion. Ensure you check with legal guidelines in your country to ensure your do not violate any.

This post is actually to provide a brain teaser for you, You can use any Midu Idea you think is best, we just want to show examples of what works and help you think better!

When you are done checking for suitable ideas, sign up on Miduman.com and create your first Midu


You can select the categories here or you can scroll below to see all of them.





  • I will make a whiteboard explainer Video for you
  • I would make a 60 sec whiteboard animation for your business
  • I would make an explainer video for your product
  • I will produce your business explainer sales video in 2D
  • I will make 1080p 2D animated explainer video
  • I will produce eye catching and most effective explainer


  • I would create a custom 2D Animation
  • I would create an engaging 2D explainer Video
  • I will create a 3D logo animation with sound in 24 hours
  • I would create 7 animate logo intro Video
  • I will create 5 epci video intro in 24 hours
  • I will make an amazing animated logo for you
  • I will create fully loaded 3D metallic logo glow animation
  • I will make custom video intro and outro
  • I will produce intro and outro for your to use on youtube videos


  • I will create a powerful sales letter clickbank style
  • I will create a beautiful app promo video (iphone, android)
  • I will create a luxury real estate listing video
  • I will create promotional video for gym and fitness brand
  • I will record HD video to promote your business
  • I will create dj night club music event promo video
  • I will create a Miduman midu video to promote your Midu
  • I will do google search advertise Video


  • I will create marketing videos that convert customer
  • I will film a lifestyle ad for facebook, snapchat
  • I will create a cool short video ad for you
  • I will edit videos for facebook and instagram
  • I will film social media video ads for your product
  • I will create a high quality animated video commercial to promote your brand
  • I will create a high quality video for your business
  • I will create a high converting video for your Miduman Midu


  • I will do professional video editing
  • I will do any video editing or after effects work
  • I will provide professional video editing
  • I will do professional audio & video editing
  • I will edit your video in 24 hours
  • I will add captions or Subtitle to your video
  • I will create fantastic video intro and outros


  • I will create a professional spokesperson video in HD
  • I will record a professional breaking news video
  • I will produce an epic video for your brand
  • I will demo your product in an HD video
  • I will create a professional spokesperson video
  • I will create a branded office spokesperson video 3D

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  • I will create a world class logo for you
  • I will create a logo using negative space
  • I will create a 3D logo design for you
  • I will create a minimalistic logo for your business
  • I will create a signature logo
  • I will create a logo using your image
  • I will create a Mascot logo for your business


  • I will design stunning business cards with 24hours
  • I will design, print and send 100 business card in 24 hrs
  • I will create a modern business card, letter head
  • I will create a catchy clickable HTML signature
  • I will design amazing stationery for you
  • I will deisgn an outstanding business card
  • I will design all your brand stationery


  • I will create a professional mascot character for your logo
  • I will create unique artistic illustrations
  • I will illustrate an awesome 4 panels story board
  • I will create dark children illustration for books
  • I will create beautiful isometric illustrations
  • I will help you design and sketch your product
  • I will draw your background and object
  • I will draw children book
  • I will draw portraits, pets, and objects


  • I will draw nice style cartoon caricature as profile picture
  • I will design minimalist flat line vector avatar for you
  • I will draw cartoon character in 24 hours
  • I will draw a political cartoon style caricature
  • I will draw funny comics, cartoons and characters
  • I will paint a caricature for you
  • I will create a custom cartoon character
  • I will draw a colored caricature in pencils


  •  I will design eye catching flyers and posters for you
  • I will design a professional menu for your eatery
  • I will design a professional brochure for you
  • I will design a tri-fold brochure for you
  • I will design,  print & ship 1,000 A6 flyer
  • I will design mixtape, album covers and flyers
  • I will do any type of flyer design
  • I will do a stunning Miduman image design for your Midu


  • I will design professional book or ebook cover
  • I will do a professional ebook design cover
  • I will do 3D book design mockup
  • I will design design unique book cover design
  • I will design your album cover in 24hrs
  • I will design amazing product label
  • I will design and ship box packaging and label
  • I will design any packaging and gift box
  • I will design product label and 3D mockup
  • I will create a product packaging design or label


  • I will a skilled photo retouching in 24 hrs
  • I will do professional photoshop editing
  • I will do photoshop editing for your ecommerce
  • I will remove 15 images background in 12hrs
  • I will edit product photos for ebay or amazon
  • I will do any photoshop job with super fast speed
  • I will recolor, edit, change, modify any image in photoshop


  • I will do 3d modeling for 3d printing and manufacturing
  • I will do 3d floor flan, architectural work
  • I will design and render your interior beautifully
  • I will design virtual staging and furniture
  • I will do a 3d product modeling and rendering
  • I will make realistic renderings and build your 3d models
  • I will do a photo-realistic 3D rendering of your product


  • I will design 6 professional web banner ads
  • I will be your graphic designer
  • I will design a roll up banner for you
  • I will design facebook ads banner for your store
  • I will make an outstanding animated GIF banner design
  • I will design a professional newpaper ad


  • I will design a amazing branded t-shirt
  • I will design unique awesome killer t-shirt designs
  • I will design, print & ship 200 branded shirts
  • I will do an exclusive t shirt design
  • I will do 4 t-shirt designs for your brand
  • I will design, print, ship your FYB (Final Year) T-shirt


  • I will create professional infographic design
  • I will convert your blog post 1000 words to infographic
  • I will design eye catching infographics for you
  • I will design infographics and presentation elements
  • I will design infographics for your ecommerce products
  • I will do infographic design to showcase your product features
  • I will do illustrative flowcharts, pie charts, graphs etc,


  • I will design a professional powerpoint presentation
  • I will create a unique powerpoint template
  • I will redesign your powerpoint presentation
  • I will do  a professional powerpoint proposal
  • I will design modern powerpoint template for you
  • I will design brand guidelines, manual and style
  • I will design investor pitch deck for startups


  • I will recreate your logo or image in vector
  • I will vector trace your logo image in transparent background
  • I will change your raster to vector
  • I will design outstanding vector of your any vehicle
  • I will create vector icon set
  • I will redraw your logo into perfect vector
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  • I will promote and market your ecommerce store on facebook
  • I will professionally market your products on instagram monthly
  • I will handle your 4 of your social media accounts monthly
  • I will be your facebook advertising expert
  • I will manage and grow your instagram pages
  • I will a facebook ad campaign to grow page likes
  • I will share your content or page to 380,000 facebook walls
  • I will create a video for your facebook and instagram
  • I will be your social media manager for all your social media
  • I will write engaging social media content with relevant images


  • I will do your 10 keyword research for you
  • I would do on-site SEO for your website
  • I would do off-site SEO for your website
  • I would install yoast SEO premium version
  • I will do monthly SEO optimization
  • I will rank your website first page of google
  • I will help your website gain visibility on google
  • I will be your ecommerce organic SEO expert
  • I will build 6000 backlinks from related website
  • I will create 5000 authority backlinks for high SEO ranking


  • I will write original content articles for you
  • I will share your content on many social media platforms
  • I will research 100 catchy post ideas for your blog niche
  • I will plan a editorial calender for your blog
  • I will create compelling sales copy for your product
  • I writes an ebook for your niche
  • I will create an unresistable lead magnet fo you
  • I will write winning content for your website, blog or newsletters
  • I will do 15 guest post on related websites for you


  • I will design responsive HTML email template
  • I will design a custom email template for your brand
  • I will create powerful sales and marketing emails
  • I will setup email marketing platform for your company
  • I will create subscription and newsletter engine for your blog
  • I will setup your infusion soft campaigns
  • I will create auto responders and funnels using get response
  • I will setup Drip to manage abandoned carts on your ecommerce
  • I will send out 500,000 emails to business men in Lagos
  • I will send out your sales letter 1 million emails address in Lagos, Portharcourt
  • I will send you Email database for Nigeria, by LGA


  • I will be youtube channel growth manager
  • I will create a marketing video
  • I will write a compelling script for your video
  • I will skyrocket your video rankings with youtube SEO
  • I will create a unique explainer sales video
  • I will rank your youtube video in google first page in 24hrs
  • I will create Video that would promote your brand awareness


  • I will setup optimize and manage google adwords
  • I will optimize your google adwords campaign
  • I will setup google shopping product listing ads
  • I will provide expert google adwords consulting online
  • I will create google adwords campaign
  • I will setup, optimize and manage your adword
  • I will research and plan your search display camapigns


  • I will craft a profitable digital marketing plan in 1 day
  • I will create a do 2 hours of digital marketing consulting online
  • I will build your digital marketing conversion strategy
  • I will create complete and working sales funnel for your physical and online business
  • I will be your crowdfunding manager
  • I will write your core marketing and brand copy
  • I will repair your online reputation and branding
  • I will monitor your brand reputation and fix bad reports
  • I will make an online or offline marketing strategy


  • I will write and publish a guest post with about your startupTechCabal
  • I will write a guest post and publish on Sun Newspaper
  • I do an instagram shoutout to my 129K real fans
  • I will give you shoutout on my 1 million verified twitter
  • I will get correctbro to give you or your brand a shoutout
  • I will get your post published on 10 instagram accounts with 100K real followers each
  • I will promote your music by getting Dbanj to give it a shoutout


  • I will help you get listed on 100 Local directory
  • I will optimize your Vconnect to show on top
  • I will be your local SEO expert
  • I will get your business on Google my business and Maps
  • I will rank your business 1st 3 on Google maps
  • I will do 100 google map citations for your local business


  • I will setup google analytics for your wordpress website
  • I will setup google analytics for your shopify store
  • I will interpret your google analytics for you
  • I will set up goals conversion tracking in your google analytics
  • I will give you a competitor backlinks report
  • I will do indepth keyword research or spy report
  • I will setup google analytics and make it work with google webmater tool


  • I will increase sales of your ecommerce products
  • I will create automated dropshipping woocommerce store
  • I will write product description for you
  • I will shoot professional product photography
  • I will upload 100 products in your bigcommerce store
  • I will show you 10 hot selling products niches


  • I will do app promotion in Techpoint
  • I will will do app promotion on 100 popular app websites
  • I will help you do a big launch for your app
  • I will promote your app with Press Release
  • I will write a great app description
  • I will market your app on social media


  • I will air your music video on MTV
  • I will air your music on 5 Top Music Cable Channels
  • I will air your music on 3 top radio stations
  • I will create Beautiful Subtitle Video for your song
  • I will make you music famous on spotify
  • I will make your music popular on social media
  • I will feature your song on 10 Top Music website
  • I will write you the best singer bio


  • I will drive traffic from facebook
  • I will drive real targeted traffic to your website
  • I will drive 1,000 real traffic to your blog daily
  • I will increase your alexa ranking in 1 month
  • I will drive 5,000 website traffic daily  for 30 days
  • I will send real unlimited traffic to your website
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  • I will help find a suitable domain for your brand within your budget
  • I will research 5 available domain for you


  • I will do you Ph.D and Master research project work
  • I will help you with an A Grade undergraduate project work
  • I will complete your PhD project in 1 month
  • I will do statistical analysis for your Project Work
  • I would write appropriate questioners for your research work


  • I will design a stunning CV for you
  • I will create a successful resume and linkedin profile
  • I will write a fantastic cover letter for you
  • I will write the best cover letter in the world for you
  • I will create your CV to match the type of company you are applying to
  • I will expertly showcase your career history on your resume


  • I will edit 2500 words of your novel
  • I will proof read 40,000 words of your book
  • I will proofread and edit your manuscript
  • I will provide technical support for your dissertations
  • I will proofread, edit, critique,edit up to 70,000 words
  • I will offer christian book editing services


  • I will translate your work from Hausa to English
  • I will translate any English article to French
  • I will do translations from English to Pidgin
  • I will translate English to Spanish, Chinese
  • I will professionally translate Igbo to English and Vice Versa


  • I will write amazing website sales copy for your product
  • I will write SEO website content that tells a story
  • I will write an effective email sales funnel for you
  • I will write a real estate bio or profile for Realtor agent
  • I will write content that drives customers to your business
  • I will write an about us that tells your brand story
  • I will write killer product descriptions for your products
  • I will write your company brochure for products or services
  • I will write email copies that sell


  • I will create a case study for a marketing campaign
  • I will research, guide and write a perfect philosophy paper
  • I will build a professional case study for your business
  • I will write a case study that connects with your customers
  • I will write a top quality pitch deck for your startup


  • I will write compelling article and blog post
  • I will be your SEO website content writer
  • I will write 500 word article or blog post
  • I will write 16 blog post for you monthly
  • I will become your blog manager
  • I will be your website content writer and SEO Expert
  • I will write 100% genuine content that attracts traffic


  • I will write press release and distribute it
  • I will write a story about your brand and publish it on 5 top News Media
  • I will provide press release distribution
  • I will write a professional press release
  • I will do press release distribution to Sun, Vanguard, The Nation


  • I will transcribe 60 minutes audio or Video file accurately
  • I will do a flawless audio or video transcription within 24 hrs
  • I will transcribe any video or audio file
  • I will type 50 pages of your work in 24 hours


  • I will write contracts, terms and condition
  • I will write privacy policy for your brand
  • I will provide professional advice for your business
  • I will draft Memorandum of Association in 24 hrs
  • I will draft Articles of Incorporation
  • I will assist in legal research case brief, essays


  • I will interpret your data analysis report
  • I will do your data analysis
  • I will teach you to explain your data analysis report
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  • I will record a deep male voice over for you
  • I will do a 30 secs voice over for you
  • I will do a voice over with british ascent for you
  • I will do a voice over with american ascent for you
  • I will record a pidgin voice over for you
  • I will record a voice over in yoruba language (from your english text)
  • I write and record a perfect voice over for your video project
  • I will be your voice over artist for your animation project


  • I will mix and master your song in 24 hours
  • I will as an award winning engineer mix and master your song
  • I will use analog gear to mix and master your song
  • I will be your podcast producer
  • I will make an awesome dj mix set
  • I will provide exceptional podcast editing services
  • I will perfectly remove noise from your audio file


  • I will write and produce a wonderful song for your brand
  • I will write a Hip Hop Song for you
  • I will produce an exceptional hit track
  • I will ghost produce a hit song
  • I will produce your song in different genre


  • I will be your pop male vocalist
  • I will write and produce the most crazy rap
  • I will create a custom rap song for any occasion
  • I will record a song for your business
  • I will be your female vocalist


  • I will create a custom pod cast intro for you
  • I will write you a radio ready jingle
  • I will produce a professional radio commercial
  • I will write an amazing jingle for you or your brand
  • I will create custom music for your podcast
  • I will write you a ukelele jingle


  • I will make sound effects for your videos
  • I will make custom sound design for you
  • I will add sound effect and background music to your video
  • I will add sound effect and background music to your voice over
  • I will create unique sound effect for your brand
  • I will provide 1400 non copyright sound effects.

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  • I will build a custom wordpress plugin in 7days
  • I will migrate your wordpress to a new server
  • I will create a wordpress website for you
  • I will build a custom wordpress theme for you
  • I will design your real estate website in wordpress
  • I will speed up your wordpress website


  • I would build exactly what you want
  • I will build a website using a CMS of your choice
  • I will develop a responsive website for your business
  • I will design a professional website


  • I will do any web API integration
  • I will do front end development and design
  • I will do backend development and design
  • I will develop any kind of chrome extension
  • I will develop your project with ruby on rails
  • I will design web applications with django python
  • I will integrate your payment gateway on your website
  • I will develop a customer relationship management system for you


  • I will setup your aliexpress dropship ecommerce
  • I will build beautiful wordpress ecommerce
  • I will design shopify store
  • I will design and devlop your ecommerce store
  • I will create a classified listing website for you


  • I will develop high quality custom app of any scale
  • I will develop your android and iOS apps
  • I will create cross platform mobile app
  • I will develop 3D game app
  • I will convert website to mobile app for andriod
  • I will develop GPS tracking mobile app


  • I will do a game or app with opengl, webgk, threejs, directX
  • I will create a custom application for you
  • I will do your computer science programming assignments
  • I will be your professional software developer
  • I will write a visual basic program
  • I will do cyber information security research writing for you
  • I will code your data structure, java, python and cpp projects
  • I will create indicator or expert advisor in MT4


  • I will build your pro chatbot
  • I will build your a chatbot for your website
  • I will build a facebook messanger chatbot
  • I will create telegram airdrop bot for you
  • I will create a highly engaging chatbot for your business
  • I will automate your twitter account with a bot


  • I will build customize, upgrade your wordpress website
  • I will install mautic and configure perfectly
  • I will be your Virtual CTO for your company
  • I will do networking and security
  • I will setup live streaming for your event
  • I will manage your cloud server
  • I will install java on ubuntu
  • I will help you setup a Google Cloud Server
  • I will provide consultation on the server to use for your project


  • I will convert your MS Word to PDF
  • I will convert your PDF file to MS WOrd
  • I will convert your manuscript, or scanned book to Ebook
  • I will format your book to epub
  • I will convert PDF to excel or CSV
  • I will perfectly format your book for KDP paperback
  • I will create a Mobile App for your book


  • I will test your web application and send feedback
  • I will conduct usability or UX review of website or app
  • I will perform a website auidit
  • I will check your website if is ddos vulnerable
  • I will test your web application on all screen sizes
  • I will test your website on all major browsers
  • I will have 10 people test your website usability and suggest changes
  • I will test your app, web application or software to find bugs
  • I will help you improve your the user experience of your app
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  • I will create a custom market report for you
  • I will provide market analysis, competitor analysis
  • I will conduct online survey for your brand with 1,000 nigerians
  • I will research profitable products to dropship
  • I will research on consumer behavior
  • I will do a research on marketing techniques that work for you
  • I will do research on markets for your idea


  • I will write business plans
  • I will develop a financial model and business plan
  • I will prepare a complete business plan
  • I will write an investor business plan
  • I will do investor business plan proposal
  • I will write effective business plan and marketing strategy
  • I will write business plan for your mobile app startup
  • I will write business plan for your eatery startup
  • I will write business plan for your Nairabet shop
  • I will read your business plan and critique unreasonable facts
  • I will access your business plan like an investor would and make corrections
  • I will write Tony Elumelu Foundation Business Plan


  • I will provide will file patent application
  • I will register your trademarks copyrights and patents
  • I will prepare your legal documents
  • I will be your online lawyer
  • I will provide you best legal advice for your company
  • I will write all contracts or agreements
  • I will help on FIRS registrations and compliance


  • I will do bookkeeping and reconciliation
  • I will prepare, file and sign your tax returns
  • I will be your online accountant
  • I will manage your TAXES and ensure you are FIRS compliant
  • I will prepare perfect financial forecast and projections
  • I will search for Venture Capital funding for your business
  • I will search for good investors for your startup company


  • I will guide you to take your business 6 figures
  • I will provide you with a 90% accurate forex automated software
  • I will do cold calling for your business
  • I will coach you to grow your business
  • I will create a custom telemarketing script
  • I will provide professional skype consultation
  • I will give you 200 marketing and business books
  • I will give advice on dropshipping
  • I will guide you on the business to start
  • I will help validate your business ideas


  • I will create a winning startup pitch deck for investors
  • I will create a professional branded presentation
  • I will create training presentation
  • I will create a winning webinar presentation
  • I will review your business proposal presentation
  • I will design your business proposal


  • I will print and distribute 1,000 of your flyers in Lagos
  • I will print 5,000 flyer and post them on KeKe and buses in Lagos
  • I will print, distribute 100 flyers to students in uniben
  • I will print, hadout flyers in Lekki-Epe Lagos
  • I will print and share your flyers or prints in Abuja
  • I will post your banner on my website for 30days
  • I will promote your brand in Lagos, Abuja and PH

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  • I will teach you how to trade forex online in 14 days
  • I will teach you how to do computer animations
  • I will guide you to get clean white teeth
  • I will teach you to last longer in bed with your partner
  • I will help you process American Study VISA
  • I will guide you to get Canadian work permit
  • I will help you get work permit in Dubai


  • I will make your crush go crazy about you
  • I will teach to talk to girls with courage
  • I will offer dating advice for any situation
  • I will help harmonize your relationship
  • I will give you the best dating and relationship advice
  • I will help you fix your broken heart
  • I will write 50 unique love messages you can send
  • I will help you heal and ignite your marriage


  • I will show you how to be the glamor of parties
  • I will show you how to manage colour combinations
  • I will recommend hairstyles that would bring out your beauty
  • I will teach you to draw brows that fit your face shape
  • I will recommend cream that can smoothing your face
  • I will recommend cream that would make your skin tone even
  • I will film a customize makeup tutorial for you


  • I will create a professional diet and workout plan for you
  • I will create a medical and health fitness ebook
  • I will show you how to get hour glass shape
  • I will give you 100 yoga original videos not found elsewhere
  • I will teach you to lose weight in just 30 days
  • I will write blog post on yoga

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