6 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Website

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Have you ever felt sorry without knowing why you do? Has a friend ever advised you to get a website without telling you why? Has someone ever told you what a website is without explaining to you why you need it? Have you ever asked yourself whether your business needs a website or not?

Well the truth is that you are not alone in this. Nobody likes being told what to do without knowing why. That is what differentiates us from other animals. The quest to know why. The drive to be reasonably convinced without doubt.

So here, I will be explaining, in simple terms, why your business needs a website.

But What is a Website?

In the simplest of terms, we will define a website to mean a collection of web pages which are grouped and usually connected together in various ways. It is often called a “website” or simply a “site.”

I will not bore you with needless technical descriptions here so let’s delve righ into answering the question in your mind.

Why Your Business Needs a Website

Welcome to 21st Century. A global village. A world without bounds of limitation. A box with no walls.

Businesses are growing and falling at unprecedented rate. Start-ups are toppling already established firms. No longer is success hinged on colourful billboards or many branch offices. Everyone stands equal chances of reaching the world through a common means. That means is called a website. These are reasons why your business needs one:

#1 – Larger Customer-base at Less Cost

Imagine being asked in exam to choose which of two businesses stands a better chance of surviving. The one with 10 customers or the other with 100? Of course, you will choose the one with 100.

Now that is the point. Every business needs customers to succeed. The larger the customer base, the greater the chances of surviving.  This is why you spend large sums of money trying to advertise on television stations, newspaper pages and other platforms. But have you ever imagined reaching over 4billion customers at less cost than an average television advert will cost? Almost impossible, right?

Well that is one advantage a website holds for your business. Out of the 7.6billion world population, over 4billion people use the internet. Now the simplest way to reach them is by finding a niche in the clouds through a website. This way, you can tell the world about your business, attract numerous clients and still maintain profitability. Greater customer base, at less cost.

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#2 – Business Value

Have you ever pitched for a contract before, or maybe a bank loan, recently? One of the first things you will be asked is whether you have a working website or not. The concerned institution will want to know more about you without having to go through a long bulky proposal. They want the info at a glance. That is why most businesses contract capable freelancers to design them good websites.

More so, firms prefer doing businesses with folks who are in touch with present realities. They don’t want modern men with outdated tools. Websites make your company look in vogue. And in this 21st century, although a website may not be, expressly, stated as a requirement for getting a contract or loan, businesses with websites are usually considered as being more serious than those who do not.

#3 – Online Brochure

In attempts to convince prospective customers of their credibility, businesses spend millions producing and distributing brochures. But a website can shoulder such expenses for your firm. Clients can now look up your past achievements and your possible prospects through your website.

This is especially needful for businesses who intend to grow and reach people outside their immediate locations. Of course you will not be reading this if you did not want your business to grow.

#4 – Customer Support

Have you ever gone to a shoes store to return an undersized pair of shoes? Did you meet a long queue of other complainants? How easy was it for you to access the customer care? Did the struggle make you change your mind about returning to the store again?

You can greatly reduce the time and financial cost of customer support by having a ticketing system, or even just an FAQ on your website. Through these platforms, needs of customers can be properly attended to without them having to stand on long tiring queues. A website helps your business in this regard, and that is why every business needs one. You can also have a dedicated social media integration on your website where clients can communicate directly with your customer care.

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#5 – Swift Transaction System

One of the reasons why I dread superstores is how long it takes to pay for your purchase. Their prices are almost always unbeatable. But I still prefer having to spend more in retail outlets due to the unbearable queues on the payment stands of superstores.

Now with a website, I no longer need to worry about this. I can now make purchases from my room and have the goods delivered to me directly without leaving my house. I know many customers also share my feelings in this regard. So, maybe you should start considering getting a website for your business. The comfort it affords customers can really boast your client-base.

#6 – 24 Hours Service

Imagine how much it will cost to keep your business open for 24 hours, daily. The staff salaries and other logistics will likely be running into millions. But with a website, anyone can access your services at anytime of the day without you having to worry about extra cost.

But the other challenge is where to find good website designers at fair cost. Well you should signup free at Miduman.com. There, you will find many right choices for your needed business website.

In three years, over 80% of businesses without websites will never grow beyond their current size, about 60% will barely be surviving and over 30% will have completely shut down. So what are you waiting for, why don’t you go and get one?

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