6 Steps to increase your Midu Orders

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Hey, Thank you for sticking around, and you should know you’re doing just the right thing. 
Many skilled people like you are increasing their Midu Orders by following these guidelines. You should make sure to leave a comment below, that way we all can grow together and earn more money.
When this happens, we would have built the economy and made life easier for everyone!
Getting more orders online doesn’t happen by sheer luck! But detailed planning and careful execution.
Most People who want to buy stuff online are not fool’s. They are smart and talented individuals, so you must be as good or even better to sell them over.
Being as good as they are, doesn’t mean trying to win an Olympic medal, it simply means doing the right things – and am about to show you six (6) right things you can do.


 1. Using Captivating Images or/and Videos:

The science behind buying involves the eyes and the mind. If someone can’t  picture your product, they are less likely to buy even when it could solve their problem. It’s even worse when it’s a service and permit my grammar worser – ???? when the transaction is online.

So if you want to sell online, ensure you use great eye catching pictures that clearly depict the service you’re offering or the feeling/benefit your client would gain from buying from you.

Take an example, if you sell Graphics Design, you could use and image that showing a well four (4) designed Logo, this immediately tells the user what benefit he would get by buying from you.


2. Job Description: 


This is a very important second step. You want to ensure that buyers reading your Description get the right information. You don’t have to stuff it with lengthy descriptions, Keep it Very Very Simple, Just Ensure you hit the Key Points, and have answered the Questions your client may have.

Follow these guidelines to write a great description-

Make a Comfortable first statement that tells the reader exactly what he is going to get. E.g. I will develop your education mobile App

Next you should engage the buyer by connecting to his pain or fear point. Someone who wants a Mobile App Developed may have pains and fears that include; difficulty in hiring the right person, the high prices of development, not finding someone that understands their project needs, to name a few. People get interested when you mention a pain or fear point.

Now, you’ve engaged the customers mind, it’s time to sell your offer by skillfully showing how your job would solve the buyers needs (mobile app)  while addressing other surrounding concerns (not finding the right developer, finding one who understands their project etc.)

Close it off with a compelling call to action, a description without a call to action is a big mistake! The buyer hasn’t been told to take any action – there are several approaches to CTA that we can’t take everything here. Check the ones below:

“For the next few days, I will be offering this job at the base price of 2,500 and I am going to increase it very soon. Order my Job today.”

“I’ll do a free app icon design for customers that buy my job in the next 3 days. Buy now”


3. Unbeatable Pricing:

Knowing how to price a product or service gets a lot of search traffic. As a joke, I would say I could sell “how to price your service” as a service and would easily become a millionaire.

Great Pricing is a major component successful freelancers use on our platform.

You should put up a price that is the same with the perceived value of your service. By perceived value I mean, what does the customer think your service is worth to them and Not how much you think it’s worth.

Another thing you should know how to use is called bait pricing. Many successful business organizations follow this approach, because they understand the value of a customer, it’s 5 times easier to get a customer to buy again than to get a new person to buy.

So they allow the new customer buy at a relatively low price, sometimes, even at their loss. They do this knowing that the new customer would buy many more times in the future at higher prices without being Skeptical, because they have earned the buyers trust. A widely accepted name for this is tripwire offer.

Lastly, you should consider building your reputation on Miduman as priority, ensuring you have 5 star rating, great reviews from buyers would earn you the trust  buyers  need to purchase your service.

One great way to get great reviews and a handful of completed projects is to set your prices at the base price, build great reviews quickly and increase your price later.

We’ve observed that buyers prefer to buy from sellers with great reviews and ratings, but many would genuinely pick a low priced offer that fits their budget.

Giving you a list of suggested pricing is impossible at the moment, but I suggest you stick with fairness.

As a writer, I may offer to write 3 blog post (1000 words each) for NGN 2,500, even when I know that it’s under priced! But as my positive reviews and rating grows with time, I could change it to 2 articles for 2,500 Naira.


4. Great Reviews and Feedback :

Although we touched reviews a bit in the previous point, but you should read this – Freelancers in Online communities like Miduman thrive on great customer reviews and feedback.

Never joke about a buyer who is not pleased, bad reviews can prevent you from being hired.

One way to avoid a bad review, is to understand the needs of the customer and deliver it timely. Ensure your communication with the customer throughout the order process is at its peak. Encourage the customer to give you a five star after successful delivery of the project. Offer free revisions, if they are not satisfied with the delivery.

A common mistake freelancers make is to continue business with a customer outside the platform which in itself isn’t fair to the system and to themselves because they also would not be able to build more reviews which are essential for landing more jobs.

You must decide to stay true to the platform, build great reviews and portfolio and you would soon be on your way to earning more and more on the Miduman.


5. Rewards and Offers:

A wise man once explained that a compelling offer is one that can make a man listening on the radio on a snowy night, come right out looking for your product.

 Also reward your customers after they’ve made a purchase with kind words, and probably a surprise free service.  They are most likely going to order from you next time and give you 5 Star rating.


6. Promote your Service: 

Putting up a job is free. We only take commissions when you complete an order, which helps us sustain the initiative.

That means you can put up several jobs you can do free of charge!

While we are busy spending money with paid Ads to promote every service on our platform, you can help amplify its effect.

Promote your offers on ALL social media you use and on popular forums like Nairaland, last time we checked, it was free to post stuff on these Social Media Channels.

You can even move a step further and spend a few bucks on Facebook paid advertising which is insanely cheap by the way. $3 could get your job to 2 thousand people and you don’t have to work on making them trust you because we are already building a reputation people can bank one. 

I hope these little tips help you.. and congratulations again for choosing to stay with us.

If you feel I missed-out anything or you have a contribution to make, kindly drop it in the comments section below. Questions are welcomed as well.


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