How to become a Mover (Only Movers make money on Miduman)

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I am quite excited writing this article, my name obviously has not been announced as a lottery winner, so then, why am I excited?

I am excited because I am about to show you simple ways you can promote your midu and generate more sales and you know each time you sell, we make money..

We win every time you win, so writing a post that would help you win is obviously in our interest!

There are two kinds of Freelancers, and succeeding is all about which kind you are.

There are two kinds of Freelancers, and succeeding is all about which kind you are. We have those we call the Dumpers and another set we call the Movers. Lets quickly look at some of the attitudes of these freelancers, so you can choose which kind you want to be.



Those is this category sign up on our freelancing website, upload their services (Midu) and leave expecting to get orders without doing anything. They forget that on platforms like ours there would be several other person’s offering such services, sometimes they get lucky and make a sale or two, but if you really want to succeed as a freelance worker you’ve got to be a MOVER.

Let’s look at 9 attitudes of Dumpers, if you are guilty of any one, note it down and turn a new leaf.. success would be the end result.

Characteristics of Dumpers

1. Dumpers are lazy, they expect the system to automatically get clients for them
2. Dumpers don’t share their Midu on Social Media even though it is free to do so
3. Dumpers do not do anything that could help people know about their services like talking about it on Nairaland
4. Dumpers do not upload high quality image or video to represent their service
5. Dumpers don’t use catchy titles for their Midu and expect buyers to click it.. To learn how to write compelling Midu titles read our post on 570 Hot selling Midu Ideas
6. Dumpers don’t take time to write compelling Midu Descriptions or even emulate others who do it well
7. Dumpers don’t like to learn about how to do freelancing well, they may not read this post to the end or even read the articles I am recommending.
8. Dumpers end up blaming the system when they make poor sales
9. This attitude of dumpers shows in every other aspect of their life!

If you are a dumper, you’ve got to change and change really fast.


movers earn much

It is easy to identify a mover, they are determined to make something happen for themselves, When they see an opportunity like this, they take it personal and want to make the best out of it. They use every means they have to promote their Midu service online.The amazing thing about being a mover is that you make sales even when you are sleeping because soon enough, your effort begins to pay off and you don’t have to continue doing all the activities to drive sales.

If you advertise your Midu Service on Facebook or Instagram with as little as N1,000 you could get 10 sales.. If what you sell is N5,000, you would have made N50,000 revenue..

Let’s consider some characteristics of movers you can learn from or give yourself some accolade if you’ve got it right.

Characteristics of Movers

1. Movers are hard working resilient, they know that their success is their primary responsibility.
2. Movers are proactive about sharing their Midu Service links on all their social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.) They leave no channel out!
3. Movers understand that selling online requires great looking pictures, so they take their time to search and use images that are of great quality and represent their Service offering.
4. Movers use catchy words in their Midu Service Titles that captivates the attention of service buyers. See examples of Great Midu Titiles in our post 570 Hot selling Midu Ideas
5. Movers don’t say I am not good at writing, they invest some energy in writing detailed description of why their service is important to the buyer, and why they are the best freelancer to hire for the job.. My colleague Uche, wrote a very powerful article on how to do this, you can read it here.
6. Movers are always seeking to learn, I can bet they would read this article to the end and even read all the articles I have recommended in this post.
7. Movers, don’t mind spending money to make money, they aurgument their Social Media effort by using paid advertising to promote their Midu services on Facebook & Instagram, or elsewhere!
8. Movers set sales goals every week and will do everything possible to hit it.
9. Movers understand that since the platform is free to use, they better spend some of their personal money advertising their Midu Services.

Thank you for reading till this point, we have provided simple ways to help you share your Midu on 3 Social Media Platforms! After uploading your midu service it is in your best interest to share on your social media accounts, just click the buttons and share or copy the link manually…How to share your midu on social Media

If you advertise your Midu Service on Facebook or Instagram with as little as N1,000 you could get 10 sales.. If what you sell is N5,000, you would have made N50,000 revenue.. If you want one on one guidance on how to do this send us an email [email protected] or read hubspot’s article on how to do it here¬†

I hope you don’t just read for the sake of reading! Read to Take Action, Only Action can give desired result!


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