Entrepreneurs: Over N3,000,000.00 Prizes to be WON!

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Could this be real? Yes it is.
This is the largest Giveaway we have ever done to date and it is likely the largest nationwide.

11 Entrepreneurs would win over N3 million naira worth of prizes in this simple contest

The Jump start pack contains:

  • $1,000 worth of Paid Advertising Credit (Facebook, etc.)
  • Full retina-display website design (Value: $997)
  • Complete Brand design for Logo,  Complementary Card, Letterhead
  • 60 mins Exclusive Marketing Strategy with our Head of Marketing (Value: Priceless!)
  • 7  Official Business email: [email protected] (Value: $100)

Terms & Condition Applies… Advertising credits & Website design applies for just 1 winner (most active participant) 


Nothing… Yes, it is 100% Free
Click here now to get started → https://m.me/hello.miduman?ref=w7499342


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