How Facebook Advertising can grow your business (Even if you don’t have a big budget)

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Hello welcome to this article.. as a forewarning I want you to know that this article would require your attention and implementation if you would achieve anything with with it.
Without guessing, if you are reading this post you are most likely about launching a new business and you want to know how Facebook Ads can help you grow rapidly or maybe you already have an existing business (physical or online) and you want to get more sales from advertising online. For whichever your reason is, this article is for you!
For most persons who are not tech savvy, running advertisements on Facebook begins and ends at posting pictures of our products or details about our services. While that is good, the likelyhood of achieving fantastic results is similar to the miracle of winning the lottery.
Sorry my CAPS LOCK got stuck!

Why is Facebook Ads a No-brainer for your business?

#1 Facebook has more than 2 billion users on its platform, regardless of your type of business, I know for sure your customers are there also, so why aren’t you getting them to see you?
#2 Users are beginning to spend more time on their phones than ever before, giving you room to get them to notice you. You have to advertise where your customers are.
#3 With Targeted advertising, you cannot only choose the locations where you want your ads to show, you can select age, gender, interest, buying behavior, or even the type of phone your target audience uses.. So if you sell Iphone cases and accessories, you can set your Ad to show to only users who access Facebook via Iphone.
#4 Facebook advertising is affordable, you can make 2,000 persons aware of your business with just 1,000 naira (if you setup your ads correctly). Unlike traditional marketing where you have to print flyers and pay for distribution, your ads get delivered seamlessly to an audience interested in doing business with you.

I don’t have a website

For most Facebook Ad types, you are required to have a page and also a website. While the former (facebook page) is free, creating your own website is not.
To create a Facebook page takes less than 5 mins to setup, don’t be lazy (joking) but if you are truly busy and would rather spend your time doing something else don’t forget you can get hire a freelancer to do it for you.

This question is for you, why do you not already have a website?

Not Enough Money? If you were told that a website would make you get 3 million in sales every month, I bet you don’t mind paying 300,000 to get one, funny as it sounds it’s true.
It’s not needed for your business? Except you hawk handkerchiefs along Lagos-ore road, every business needs a website
Obviously it’s not a question, go and get a website today.. you can hire freelancers to just put up something decent online for you for about 10,000 so you don’t have any excuse.

Are you sure it would work?

Okay, let me give you a brief personal story,
I have consulted for several small businesses and has helped them grow using facebook advertising. Please don’t contact me to help you for one I charge a hefty consulting fee and two this information I have provided here is sufficient to see you through (but if you have some excess money.. feel free to email me [email protected] for consulting ????)
I personally grew my business to millions (of Naira not dollars) by using facebook Ads, I don’t call my self an expert, I am a lay user like you.

Rounding up – Summary

To start growing your business using facebook Ads
1. Create a Facebook Page (Free)
2. Create a website (a one page website is enough)
3. Create an advert
4. Serve your influx of new customers.
Kindly leave your feedback below in areas you need help and I will surely offer my advice or guidance.


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