Freelance Hiring Mistakes to Avoid & Why you Should Use Miduman

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Freelance Hiring Mistake…

Freelance Hiring can be daunting sometimes especially when one is not properly guided. Many Business owners have lost a fortune doing just the wrong things.. Here is a little story that shadows this point on Freelance Hiring Mistake.freelancer-hiring

Mr. Jackson had defiled societal expectations and gone ahead to study a rather “unpopular” course in the University. His father had advised him to go for Law but he had insisted on majoring in English and Literary Studies because of his passion for writing. He had hoped to start up a blog immediately after school.

The challenge, however, was that Mr. Jackson did not know how to create a blog by the time he finished his undergraduate studies. But this was not a problem. After all, his friend, Ken, had mastery of web designing and could build him a blog at a friendly affordable price. In fact, Ken had agreed to do the job for just 50,000 naira. Jackson happily made the advance payment of 40,000 naira.

They had agreed that the blog will be hosted in a month’s time. Three months after the agreement, Ken was yet to deliver on the job. When Jackson asked for a refund, he got only 8,000 naira from Ken. So to say, the rest had been used to purchase the domain name.
Five years down the line, Jackson is yet to open his dream blog. He explains that the incident with Ken had drowned his drive quite significantly.

Why Miduman?

E-commerce is perhaps one of the most important contributions of ICT to global advancement. It has made buying and selling very easy and removed the gap of proximity from the course of modern market fare.
Like every other new thing that challenges the status quo, e-commerce is received with certain hesitations some of which are quite valid. Users would often complain that many internet market platforms are vulnerable to fraud, non-user friendly and generally difficult to use. Of all these market platforms, MIDUMAN appears to be the best at the moment. This is because it was built with a full understanding of the complaints of customers and tries to integrate them into creating a platform that is safe, easy to use and reliable.

Of all these market platforms, MIDUMAN appears to be the best at the moment. This is because it was built with a full understanding of the complaints of customers and tries to integrate them into creating a platform that is safe, easy to use and reliable.


Succinctly, these are why you should use Miduman:

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap…

Basic economics teaches us that healthy competition in market places ensures a reasonable drop in price of goods and services. This is true for roadside markets as it is for e-commerce. Due to the many number of persons opting to render the same service, clients are afforded the liberty of selecting both the description and the price that beat suits their budget.

This is perhaps another key reason for which to choose MIDUMAN.
So when you think of getting real value for your money and service next time, think www.

Safety & Security

MIDUMAN is built to serve as an interface between a client and a freelance service provider. This way, the platform bears the financial obligation of ensuring that clients get full value for their money.

They do not need to worry about fraud and in a case where the freelance agent fails to deliver as agreed, clients can easily get a refund.

Simplicity & Ease

MIDUMAN is designed with an understanding that most internet users will prefer a user friendly online platform to a complicated one no matter how useful the latter may be.

MIDUMAN can be used by any average ICT compliant person. The homepage is very interactive and gives a user every relevant information about the site and possible transactions at a glance.

Seller Reviews & Ratings

An article on KISSmetrics shows the importance of positive social proof and the influence of other people’s stories on the purchase process.

It cites research showing that two-thirds of clients are more likely to buy if there are service ratings and reviews. MIDUMAN has both, making it a first port of call for online freelance hiring.

MIDUMAN displays both favorable and critical reviews, building trust among freelance agents and clients alike.

The ability to use the reviews as a filtering tool so you only see the most highly rated services is a big plus, too.

Navigation & Search

Navigation and search are two aspects of what Moz calls the Holy Grail of E-commerce Optimization, and MIDUMAN does this well. Considering the number of services available for sale, it’s amazing that you don’t feel overwhelmed.

In part, this is because of excellent filtering. MIDUMAN also does a great job of showcasing the most popular items in a particular category, while providing easy access to a full directory for easy refinement.

These and more, are a few reasons many business organisations choose Miduman to simplify their freelance hiring process. If you are interested in offering professional freelance services, consider reading this article so you can start getting hired.



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