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This post is to elucidate you on what miduman is all about and how you can make money on it: Ensure you read this to the end.

Just a little Story

A while ago, I noticed that several businesses are in dire need of professional help, with very few channels with which to find them. They were searching for people as skilled as you.

These businesses and entrepreneurs are characterized majorly by their little budget (₦2,500 – ₦100,000) for executing projects and that makes obvious the need for freelancers.

Small Business Organisations in most cases, do not have enough budget to employ the needed staff in-house, and their best option is to hire a freelancer.

So we have created a channel where freelancers can showcase their skills, get hired for freelance jobs and earn decent profits.

For example, John is a graphics designer and Janet owns a burger shop, she needs a logo design. Janet would simply visit  Miduman to find and hire a graphics designer who can make the logo she likes. This makes it very easy for John to earn from home while Janet relishes her new design.

Security of Payments

Many considerations were taking particularly about the security of payments. Questions raised included; how are we sure Janet, the burger shop owner would pay after the design has been done? How would Janet be sure, that John would design the logo according to her needs if she pays before service?

These questions were not rhetoric to us, and so we had to answer –

We created a simple payment path, that cannot be gamed by both parties in each transaction (buyer and seller)

We created what is called an escrow, or as the name goes – middle man (guess you see where we coined the name- miduman from)

Janet hires John by paying what he bills to our Escrow, John can see the cash in his account but cannot withdraw a dime till he finishes the project Janet paid for.

Janet hires John by paying what he bills to our Escrow, John can see the cash in his account but cannot withdraw a dime till he finishes the project Janet paid for.

This makes the process of hiring online simpler and more fun for both parties, which is the mission of Miduman – to make online transactions simpler and secure (guess you understand why our logo contains the icon of a smiling man).

How much you earn on miduman is relative to the average cost of what you sell, and how many sales you make, you can read the sequel article here to find out how to sell more.


How much it Cost…

Another key question we had to answer is how much do freelancers pay?

When we answer that it’s free of charge to put up as many skills as you have, then they ask how do you (Miduman) make money?

First, it’s actually free to join the platform and upload several things you do, but here’s how we earn – Each time someone orders a service, our Escrow takes a 20% of the amount and pays the freelancer 80%, so if the job cost 2,500, we take 500 and pay the freelancer 2,000.

This ensures that freelancers pay only when they earn!

This little fee helps us to maintain the platform, carryout upgrades, run paid advertisements, and pay staff who are laboring to ensure life is better for everyone.

You should Visit, Register and Upload your Midu, make sure to read the Guidelines here so our moderators do not disapprove or delete your Midu.

I guess you understand better what we are doing and what benefit it offers. We have a mission to revolutionize online freelance transactions in Nigeria for the better and we enjoin you to follow this North bound train.

If you have further questions or suggestions, we would love to hear from you, Feel free to post your comment below.


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