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It’s really an exciting moment for us, take time to read this (you will need to take action)

If you’ve been following up with us closely, you would discover that although sales are being made, we have not done campaign’s to actually bring in buyers.

This is because you don’t bring in demand (buyers), when you don’t have enough supply (seller- freelancers).

But Finally, we have just enough supply and are launching our Campaigns to acquire the demand segment (buyers).

This implies two things;

  1. There would be an increase in the orders of Midu’s
  2. More Service Request would be posted

If you must benefit from this in flow of customers we are acquiring, then you really really have to work on your Midu. A great percentage of the Midu’s I see are not properly done.

Let me expand on what I am saying… In 3 steps, Most of you are guilty of #3



Some title’s are not clear immediately to the reader. Someone used “Sagesoftworld” as his midu title, no body knows who sagesoftworld is except you and they don’t really care.

I like this Title by SkiClouds “Get a Jumia Like App” and if I need an app like Jumia, I would definitely contact him.

You have only one chance to make an impression, if what you are selling isn’t clear no one would click to find out more.

Sagesoftworld, please don’t take this offensively, rather take it as constructive criticism.



Again, some midu images are just terrible, others didn’t use any image and are just relying on the default image to carry them through.

Let me share a secret, so far all the orders placed were for Midu’s that had great images..

Think of this, when last you bought something online, the images were one of the things that attracted you, then the description (features of the product). It is no different here.  I like the Image  godfather used..




If you check your midu and you have one or two lines as description, you obviously don’t want to sell.

Consider your description as a proposal. Try to write valuable and convincing words… Minimum should be 100 words! and the price you quote should be based on the value your buyer knows he would get.

He can only know the value he get’s if it’s included in your Description.


Once again, I would praise SkicloudsGet an App like jumia. His images, description and title are all in perfect shape.

I don’t know him personally, but I love what he is doing. I am crediting him with N 1,000 now, And when we start advertising, our team would favor his midu.

Do you want our Advertising team to favor your Midu, then go and work on your midu. Copy Skiclouds

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Check your Midu and make the necessary corrections today, and I mean Today!

The window to make this correction last from now till Sunday 12th of August, 2018 (3 days time). If you have any question or feedback, You can contact me [email protected]

I have a special gift for the person with the best Midu, after the Window closes!

Visit Miduman and start updating your Midu today


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