How to hire on Miduman Step by Step Guide

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Some of the best freelancers in Nigeria can be hired on miduman. While it is simple to do so, we have created this step by step guide using actual screenshots to help make the process a lot easier for you.


To hire on miduman you need
  • A Miduman Account
  • Money in your bank, card, etc.
If you do not already have an account with us, Visit and click the sign up button as seen in the image below. Fill in the information required (Valid Email address, Username and password) and hit the submit button. Check the email you used to sign up for a verification email.


A Midu is a service advertised by a freelancer with specific information and price. For example, a mobile app freelancer can advertise a midu as “I would build your business mobile app” and add specific information about the kind of features this app would have and the price to N220,000.

To hire on Miduman you simply need to do a search for Midu relating to the service you need. The most basic way to do this is to head straight to and use the search box appearing on the top of the page.

Look at the circled area of this picture to see a way to search.


For most service types, you would find several freelancers offering the same service. Based on your requirements you can choose a freelancer. It isn’t rocket science it’s just your choice!
If you need to discuss specifics of your project with the freelancer, you can do that with the internal messaging feature. Just click the contact me link under the midu you are looking at.


After choosing a freelancer,  click the ORDER NOW button at the bottom of the Midu page as seen in the image below.
If the price you have negotiated with the freelancer is low or higher than the price of the midu click the send custom order button as seen below, and enter the information required.
Which ever is the case, the freelancer would accept the order and start working to deliver your order in time.


  • Search for a freelancer
  • Discuss your project with him/her by clicking the contact me found at the bottom of the page
  • Pay securely on Miduman by clicking the order button or custom offer button if the price you discussed with the freelancer changes.
Hiring a freelancer is not as complex as it seems on our platform, you can also read about how we protect your payment when hiring on our platform here.


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