How to Boost Your Midu Sales on Miduman.

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We all know that Miduman provides you a limitless global platform to actually showcase your skills and services. But not everybody makes equal sales of their midu on this digital market space. Why is this so?

Now marketing your skill on Miduman as a freelancer is just like going to any regular market to display and sell your commodities. The market provides the space and security but you do the job of attracting customers to your shop. The same way, Miduman allows you a fantastic digital spot but the task of getting people to actually hire you for the job is something only you can best do for yourself. So on this post, we will show you how best to boast your midu sales on Miduman.

Ready? Let’s go!

1. Use Your Physical Contacts

When you want to download an application, you often want to check the app ratings, read the reviews and find out people’s comments on the product. These exercises help you to decide how good the app is. You often want to go for the application with the highest ratings and best review testimonies.

Now translate that to your midu. When people want to hire on Miduman, they will often want to go for freelancers whose midus have received the highest number of ratings. Clients also feel more secure hiring a guy who had been hired before by others. I think it is natural for us to think that if this guy did a good job for Mr. A, ours will not be different.

So here is my advice. Get your friends and physical clients to hire you on Miduman. Let them rate you after the job is done. Let them not forget to make sincere reviews of your service. That way, when clients need a freelancer for a job that falls within your field, your midu will be at the top of their choice list.

2. Use Your Social Media Contacts

What we know is that the advent of social media has made it very easy for people to communicate across very long distance without necessarily making any physical contact. We know that we can now have as many as 2,000 friends on one social media platform alone. Now, this can be a huge distraction, but it can also be a goldmine if you make adequate use of it.

As a freelancer, you need to understand that your social media networks are your most immediate advert platform. Chat and socialize with friends, but never fail to tell them about your services. Invite them to check out your midu. You can even go to the extent of making it a sponsored post on your facebook wall. You can create a tweet, daily, inviting your Twitter circle to your midu. The same thing goes for Whatsapp, Instagram, SnapChat and so on.

If you can have fun on social media, why not make money doing so?

3. Create Online Contents for your Midu

Every good entrepreneur understands that profit is always exchanged for value. That is why most firms spend so much on building contents that relate to their field of enterprise. They want to teach you the benefits of having a good night rest because they want you to buy a foam from them. They want you to understand the dangers of keeping your money in the house because they want you to bank with them.

Now you can also do the same for your midu. You may not need to pay anyone to do it for you. Just do it yourself. Write posts, preferably short, that highlights the advantages of your skill. upload these posts on different writing platforms such as Nairaland and medium. But always ensure that each of your posts suggests your midu to the reader. Avoid being too direct with it. Nobody likes being outrightly told what to do. Just suggest and you will be awed at how many clients this simple exercise can bring to your midu.

4. State your Actual Worth

Often before we go to the market, we already have an idea of what it would cost to purchase the item that we need to buy. We would usually look up the price on an online store, sometimes, even before we step out of the house. Now imagine getting to the market and being offered a phone the price of which you knew to be ₦50,000 for ₦10,000. You will be skeptical, right?

Well, that’s exactly how customers feel when they see prices that fall way below true value of a midu.

You need to understand that in business, not everybody can afford a particular service. Also, know that people would usually prefer to spend less to get more. So, while it is advised to keep your price reasonably affordable, avoid giving clients a reason to doubt your credibility. If you know you can deliver, offer a price that matches your service.

Sometimes, people trust a product more than they do others because of the price difference. So state the very actual worth of your midu.

5. Always Keep Track of your Progress

Most flourishing businesses usually have record books and growth analysts. These help them to monitor the progress or otherwise of their firms against the backdrop of certain strategies they had implemented over a period of time.

The same thing applies to your midu. Always keep track of how well your midu is doing. check the number of views each day, evaluate the number of clients’ askings, the rate of hirings, reviews, and comments on your midu. Miduman has already integrated some of these yardsticks into the platform. So what you need to do is to use them to monitor the progress of your midu.

Remember that no trader ever sales by simply displaying articles in the market. The one needs to attract customers to his or her shop. In the same way, work to attract clients to your midu. The platform and security is miduman’s, but only you can draw customers your way.

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