How I made 229k in One Month working as a Freelancer on Miduman (Interview)

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Things are getting exciting here at miduman as several freelancers are beginning to make some cool amounts of money. Our business is new, and I think that is the more reason a young person like you should pay close attention to it, and figure out how to earn money on it.

Today I am about to share with you the interview we had with June’s top selling freelancer who had an awesome amount of sales that gave him well over 220,ooo naira. I guess in every context, making 220,000 from your room is something that is praise worthy. Most graduates working jobs in Nigeria earn far below that mark (Even 30k in some cases).

So, my advice to you as you read this is to learn from his story and make up your mind to change your financial condition beginning today.

That being said, I would like to state that if you do nothing about your money, you will keep having NOTHING.


Can we meet you?

My name is Chibueze Okoro, I am from the eastern part of Nigeria.

How did you find Miduman?

I found miduman through an advert I saw on facebook, Although I cant really remember the title of the campaign but it to me to read an article on your blog. After going through the article I decided to register an upload a service I could offer and I forgot about it.

Wow.. that’s HILARIOUS you forgot about it?

Yeah, I honestly forgot, then I later stumbled across  another article on the blog about two weeks later on how to get buyers to notice you. Then I decided to do something about advertising my services (midu) and luckily it worked.

What differently did you do that helped you get lots of orders?

Firstly, I worked on the images I used for my midu, I uploaded clear images that represents the service I was offering (I got the images free on google images). I also improved the description on the Midu following the example on the article I read making the descriptions detailed and convincing to buyers and Finally I shared the link to my Midu on all my social media accounts and on nairaland several times.

How much did you earn?

The response from the actions I took, had an amazing response that gave me more courage to run a small advertising on facebook. I spent about 1,000 and I made quite a number of sales and I made 229,600 naira.

Woo.. That’s a lot of cash.. so What is your advice to others who are freelancers?

I would advice they all read the article I read and implement the ideas shared! I think I don’t have anything further to say about that, the article says it all.. Nothing happens by itself, I discovered you need to work to see the results you desire.

What is your advice to others who are yet to join?

lol… I would say please don’t join yet, you are going to increase the competition I have on this platform.. Okay that’s a joke, I would say, what are you waiting for? Except you have a regular job paying you 200k I would advice you join the platform and start selling your services.

Thank you Chibueze Okoro for sharing your amazing story with us! We are happy you are able to make money on our platform

Thank you too.. I think I am happy to share and I enjoyed myself on this interview today.


One of the greatest joy I have is when a freelancer withdraws his money successfully from our platform, it gives me the satisfaction of a Job well done, its a constant reminder that we are playing our part in winning the war against unemployment! 

SO, my advice to you still wondering what to do, get on board now and lets make money together >> Signup on today


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