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Getting Hired on Miduman

Getting hired on Miduman is very easy but only if you know the secrets.

Miduman is a booming, user-friendly internet market platform where people who are proficient in different skills (freelancers) get to meet with clients in need of their services. The site is open to people from different countries of the world.

We know that acquiring a skill is not one of the easiest things on earth. It requires discipline, commitment, resilience and sometimes, even a good amount of money. This is not to deny the fact that some people train in things that they already love doing. For such people, the whole process can be a lot more exciting.

But whether as a hobby or for a living, one common factor among everyone who is skilled is the desire to earn money not just fame from their proficiency. Yes, we like the job and want to be renowned in doing it. But, fame and love for the job, alone, cannot put food on the table. So, we want to be engaged. We want to be hired and given the opportunity to earn while we do what we love.

Interestingly, there are so many platforms today, online and otherwise, where folks can advertise themselves and their skills. is the best I have found. But I have also discovered that oftentimes, among the many freelancers who market themselves on Miduman, the circle of hiring revolves around only a few.

Of course, it is easy to conclude that the hired ones are professionals, but the truth is that reading through the following steps will make you just as hireable as those few on Miduman.

Create a Good Midu

A midu is a term used to depict and describe the particular thing you want to be advertised for on Miduman. It is an offer that a freelancer is making to every prospective client. If, for instance, you can design a good website or write a good computer/phone application, and you can do that in two days for N10,000 (Ten Thousand Naira), that is your midu.

Now the thing is that your midu is just like your business card, proposal and advert board compressed into one. So, you will need to make it as attractive as possible and here is how:

Tell the Client what you Can Do

Many clients on Miduman may not have all the time to pour through every detail on your midu description so it is important for you to state exactly what job you can do for them. Also be sure to add how long it will take for you to do finish the job in your opening statement.

For instance, if Mr. John is a freelancer who can design a WordPress blog within a day, his opening statement may read

“I will design a beautiful WordPress Blog for you in 24hrs”

Show the Clients that They Need Your Services

Have you ever gone to the market to purchase only a pair of shoes and ended up buying those and also few pairs of stockings? Well that’s because when you left home, your conscious mind planned to buy shoes but somewhere in the subconscious, stockings were also part of the list, although unwritten. The seller only had to remind you of what you already needed.

As incredible as it may sound, many Miduman users need to be reminded of what they need. As a freelancer, it is your job to ensure that you do that. While creating your Midu, carefully suggest to the reader why the one needs your services.  For instance, our WordPress designer can tell the client that:

“Blogging is no doubt among the trending online earning investments people make. This is because everyone deserves to be heard including you. In 24 hours I would design a beautiful WordPress blog that would rank well in Search Engines.”

Reasons Why You are the Right Person for the Job

So many freelancers advertise daily on Miduman. This is a major advantage of Miduman because clients are given the option of making a choice out of many enticing offers. Good news for the customers but that makes the stake even higher for you.

Now while creating your midu, don’t forget to state exactly why you are the best among the rest (lol. Good rhyme, right?).  This should include your years of working experience, popular works you have done before (if any) and any value-added service that relates to your skill which you can render. Our friend, Mr. John may present his as follows:

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Me

✓ 8 years+ experience in WordPress design and development

✓ I know a lot about Search Engine Optimization
✓ 100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed
✓ Full Refund if you are not satisfied

✓ I designed the News Blog for Oasis Magazine –

I would Set up Google Analytics for your website, so you can monitor your site traffic.

Anticipate and Answer few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you are given the option of hiring between a person who takes initiative and another who reacts to issues, who would you go for? Of course, the first guy. But why? Because the one knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it. He/she is proactive not reactive.

I have discovered that people generally want to hire those who make life easier for them. Those who can anticipate their needs and save them the trouble of having to do so.

Clients on Miduman have jobs that they need to outsource so they want to be sure that you know exactly what they have in mind. Now a good way to show them that you do is to outline and answer few FAQs in their midu. Our WordPress designer could present his as follows:


  1. What are the requirements for this project? Website & Hosting Account

  2. Would you provide a domain & hosting? No, you would provide that, I could show you how to get affordable ones based on the size of your traffic and needs.

  3. What if I am not satisfied? Just open a dispute in your order page and get a full refund, no questions asked.

  4. I still have more questions? Feel free to chat me up right before placing the order, I will be glad to answer all your questions.


How long will the job take you?

Looking for a job can be quite compelling. It can make us want to impress every client that comes our way. But the truth is that business relationship is oftentimes not a sprint. You want a client that stays yours and possibly gives you good ratings, reviews and referrals. To this end, you need to be very sincere with the client on Miduman concerning when you can deliver on the job. Be plain about it. It is better to lose a potential client than to be tagged “unserious”. Integrity is the soul of business in Miduman.

However, you may also need to up your game. Train to complete the job in the shortest possible time. Every client will want to hire the guy who can deliver the job within a set target timeline.

Be Assertive

The first thing that comes to mind here is what Merriame Williamson said. “Your playing small does not serve the world.” There is nothing enlightened about playing small. If you have confidence in your skills, show it! Nobody wants to hire a timid amateur who lacks self-assurance. So tell the client why you are the best in your craft without bragging about it.

There’s simply a difference between pride and boldness. You can recount your past achievements and project your skills without appearing imposing. So, let the tone of your offer on Miduman be modest but as assertive as possible.

Now you see, it does not matter whether you are a professional or an amateur anymore. Anyone can get hired on Miduman today. Just follow the instructions above.

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