Midu Guidelines

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Please read this guideline before uploading your first midu, Midus that fail to meet these guidelines would not be approved or may be deleted with or without your consent.
  1. Images: Every Midu you upload must include at least 1 image or video to be approved. The size of the image must be greater than 785 * 435 and less than 1mb. You may optionally upload more images but not more than 5 per Midu. Images with phone numbers or email addresses would not be approved
  2. Description: The description of your Midu is treated as a contract between you and every customer, hence it should be comprehensive enough to prevent dispute after an order is made. Descriptions with phone numbers or email addresses would not be approved
  3. Titles: The title of your midu should be appropriate, do not use titles that are bogus. Your title must explain what the Midu as is, without having to read the description. Valentines Boundless Love is not a great title, though it might be a great offer but the buyer cannot relate with it without having to read the description.
  4. Consistency: by this we mean, your choice image, title and description of your midu must mean the same thing.
  5. Pricing: The minimum price you can list is 2,500 and maximum is 50,000. You may add Extras for your Midu, that way you can easily list a low price and let customers optionally select additional services from extras.
  6. Tags: You may optionally use 5 appropriate tags for your Midu, this helps buyers locate your Midu easily.
For more inquiry, you can mail us at [email protected].
To help you understand these guidelines better, you are advised to checkout these Midu’s herehere, and here and emulate them.


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