How Miduman Protects your Payment when you hire a Freelancer

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In the Nigerian online digital space, one of the major concerns we all have is the security of our money. Even Without having ever been scammed, I believe it is a natural instinct to express caution when having to part with your valuables especially when the transaction takes place online.
This was my concern for more than a decade and is still a major concern for me when doing business online. I do not intend to paint Nigerians black, as internet fraud is a major issue  all around the globe. However, my goal is to show you what Miduman is doing to help us solve this major issue to which some of us may have fallen victims in the past.

How Miduman Protects your Payments

When you hire a freelancer on Miduman you are fully covered by our 100% refund guarantee as long as you complied with our terms and conditions by paying only through our platform, if you didn’t the rest is history!
If you are like me you might have wondered how we are able to provide a full refund policy for all hiring done on our platform
If you are like me you might have wondered how we are able to provide a full refund policy for all hiring done on our platform, this simply is because your payment doesn’t get to the seller directly, we keep the payment with us  until you have successfully taken delivery of the service you paid for. This protects you as well as us, so we don’t have to cough out the money you paid peradventure the freelancer is unable to deliver as expected.


The Loop hole we spotted…

A great loop hole to this beautiful system perhaps would be about buyers who may want to use this advantage in fraudulent ways, for instance opening a dispute with the seller after taking delivery of the project, be rest assured that we do have systems in place to verify every dispute claim between our  buyers and sellers when they do occur, and offenders would be meted with great discipline in line with our terms and conditions.


So when hiring on Miduman be rest assured that you wouldn’t get scammed or duped of your hard earned money.
You might also be thinking about why you should trust us to protect your money, then here are four reasons why we think we deserve your trust.
Or if you are or want to become a freelancer, consider reading this post so you can be guided correctly!


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