Six Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring a Writer

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Six Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring a Writer

Everyday, people desire to be heard. We seek, daily, to speak both to those who are around us and others who may be far away. We want to talk about ideas and projects, pitch for deals and contracts, contend for awards and recognition.

We do these through a common connecting means called writing. Whether on the internet, newspapers/magazines, journals and long essays, we all tend to speak through writing.

And you know, writing is a very interesting activity, right? Of course, yes, especially when you have inclination towards it.

But have you ever paused for a moment to imagine what writing would be like for you if you had absolutely no flare for it? Have you noticed that not everybody can write exactly the way you do? Have you asked yourself why thousands would apply for a particular writing contest and only one person gets to win?

Well the answer may not really be far-fetched.

I believe it is possible for a person to find it difficult to represent his or her ideas in letters and words. I believe writing is something everybody does but people tend to have expertise of a particular form of writing than they do others. I also believe that everybody deserves to be heard and every idea deserves to be given a voice. Finally, I think that writing is the best way to do this.

Lolz…now I sound like a Lawyer, right?

I know, just smile it away and let’s get down to business.

Six Mistakes to Avoid while Hiring a Writer

We know that someone who writes good plays may not be very good in preparing a business plan and another who understands blog posts may not be the best in writing degree essays. So it stands to mention that people outsource writing projects when it appears to fall outside their scope of expertise.

But in this hiring process, there are basic mistakes to avoid if we must get real value for our money. Here are some of them:

Avoid Hiring Only Friends

It is natural to want to hire someone because you already have a relationship with the person. After all, the evil we know is often believed to be better than the good we do not know. However, have you ever hired a friend who failed to deliver within the agreed time frame?

Well, if yes, you are really not alone. The truth is that friends can sometimes treat very delicate responsibilities with little or no seriousness. They may be skilled in their art, but sitting to attend to your work might often be a very big deal for them. Maybe this attitude is borne out of the sheer belief that you will not have the guts to seek official redress in instances of a bridge of contract. In simple Nigerian parlance, “You no go call police na.”

So, while outsourcing, try to hire based on credibility not just informal relationship. Hire people because they can do the job not because you know them. at least so that you no go need call police (You will not need to invite the police).

Don’t Hire a Jack of all Trade

I know you want to revolt, but calm down first.

Several writers are multitalented. They can write essays, poems, plays and so on. However, writers attain prominence, in most cases, under one particular genre. Now this does not mean that they cannot attempt the others.

It simply suggests that the writer discovers his/her area of strength then focuses on developing in that area and becoming a master at it. When you want to hire, go for this crop of writer. This way, you will get the best of their artistic and analytical commitment towards a successful completion of your project.

Never Localize your Hiring

Seek to delimit the scope of who you will engage to do the job. Thanks to the internet, we can now access several online platforms from which to hire capable freelancers. For those in Nigeria, is the best website I have discovered for hiring freelancers. I call it the best because I can easily get my money back if I am not satisfied with the service.

Take advantage of the internet, compare the prizes against the backdrop of your budget and then hire someone who can deliver in good time. Never localize your hiring.

Hire Someone with a Good Track record

Miduman provides a good review system which tells you much about a freelancer at a glance. It tells you what other customers have said about the person, the number of persons who have viewed the midu and the type of rating that the freelancer enjoys.

Now I am not saying that people are always right. I only feel that it will be safer to hire a person with 40 midu views than another with just 3.

Always Pay through a Secure Channel

These days, people prefer for their banks to be robbed than for their homes to be raided. Why?

Well you know that the bank will always pay you back your money but a thief who steals from your house will almost always never pay back.

Now that is the point!

Conduct your hiring transactions on platforms where you can easily get a refund in a case of a bridge of contract. Those in Nigeria understand that getting a refund in many stores and service centres is not one of the easiest things on earth.

So here is what to do, conduct every hiring transaction through a secure channel that guarantees customer satisfaction. You can check here for such a channel.

Never be in a Hurry to Hire

A wise man once said that good things are worth waiting for. So, if you need the very best writer to do a job for you, always be ready to wait until you find one.

Don’t rush into hasty decisions. Delay is dangerous but not in this regard. Take your time and compare all possible options and then settle for the one that best suits your choice.

This way, you will be sure to get the best out of a freelance writer.




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