How to Start Dropshipping Business in Nigeria

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If I could read your mind you are probably asking yourself what dropshipping is and how you can make money from it. Not only would this post provide answers to your questions, it goes further to show you the exact steps you need to take to get started with dropshipping business. So let’s proceed…

What is Dropshiping:

The history of drop-shipping dates several years back, in literal terms it involved acting as a middle man to facilitate the sale of a product. Some persons confuse this to be affiliate marketing, that is almost correct, save for the fact that in drop-shipping, the buyer doesn’t ever know you are not the actual seller. Everything happens White-label.

As at today, the existence of the internet has made drop-shipping business an earning maximizer, why is that?


How you can make money doing Dropshipping:

Since your reason for considering drop-shipping is to build a business and make cool money, here is the actual profit process:
  1. You search for products you know a bit about
  2. Advertise them on your online store for a higher price
  3. A person makes an order from your store
  4. You then order from the seller and the seller sends the product to your buyer with your customized store information.
  5. You keep the profit.
So if the item cost $20, and you advertised it for $40, you make 100% returns.


This is amazing because you never need to meet the seller or buyer in person, never have to stock products, never have to spend your money buying products, and it requires little capital to start,
Many drop-shipping store owners make up to $8,000 profit working only 4 hours a week, so you can keep your job while exploring the drop-shipping business.
In case this is something you’d like to do, follow the steps below and let’s get started:

You have to decide on what products you want to sell, you can sell a wide variety of products but it’s best to sell products in a niche e.g fashion, kitchen, baby toys, etc. Some categories sell faster than others, some categories are not so good for drop shipping but I can’t talk about that here. You can ask related questions below, if you need more information.

After deciding on what products to sell, you need to find reliable suppliers for your choice products, an easy and safe way to do this is to visit, you would find products for very small amounts that you could resell 2 or 3 times the price in the US or some other country.

This involves your personal choice, what name do you want to call your new store? Choose a nice domain name, you should also hire someone to create a good logo design for your new store.
When drop-shipping ensure you purchase Whois guard alongside the domain name to protect your personal information. This is because buyers research websites before making purchase. If you are a Nigerian, drop-shipping for US, you definitely don’t want to kill your order flow, by displaying your Nigerian details.

You need to create an online store, for drop-shipping I personally recommend you use WordPress or Woo commerce to do this because of the ease and flexibility they offer. If you are not tech savvy never mind, it’s easy to find someone to do it for you, check out this freelancer

Optionally, you may want to setup an easy way to manage your drop-shipping store, upload choice products with just a click, place orders from your sellers automatically when you get a new order, set price markup rules, check rating of sellers before adding products, and lots more.
While you can do drop-shipping without this, the stress you go through would be killing, such that our earlier estimated 4 hours a week could easily become 40 hours per week, since you have to do it manually. If you need something this nice checkout another freelancer here.

Make money dropshipping in Nigeria

Online stores need systems to receive payments referred to as payment gateway, you would need one as well. I recommend using PayPal for those who want to sell to international communities US, UK, etc.  because they not only allow you receive payments in dollars ($) and other major currencies, your buyers trust PayPal already and would transfer same trust to your business.
Although the option of using PayPal seems very interesting, PayPal restricts Nigerian Accounts from receiving payments. But don’t let this get to you, I know of a competent freelancer on our platform that can help you create a PayPal Account that can receive payments. Check his Midu here 

dropshipping in Nigeria

If you’ve already ordered easy drop-shipping in step 6 above, then this is coming late because your products are most likely already being automatically uploaded :). This is for those who for some reason have not incorporated the easy way yet.
To do this, visit, look for products and start uploading pictures, titles, descriptions, etc to your store manually, or you can order the easy drop shipping option that does all this automatically here

dropshipping in Nigeria

I doubt that  I need to mention this as a step, since that’s the point for starting a dropshipping business in the first place. So advertise your products on Social Media, Personally, my Ad does better on Facebook. Take your orders and don’t share your money with me. My drop-shipping business already gives me enough cash, so I don’t need yours.
If you have personal questions, I am available to answer, so use the comments section below or start a chat by clicking the Blue Messenger icon at the bottom right of this page.
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