Why Email Marketing is not Working for Your Business

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The internet community is just like every normal human society. It features several individuals going about their daily businesses with little care for what the other person is doing.

Digital Marketing is your ability to compel others to turn and look at what you are doing (maybe goods and services) and possibly get involved in it, either consciously or unconsciously. There are many ways to do this. Email marketing is one very productive method.

Regrettably, despite the efficacy of email marketing, many digital business owners still find it difficult getting maximum productivity for their daily investment in it. Their input appears to be greater than their output. They spend so much and get very little result.

We know that this can be quite frustrating. So today, we will concentrate on revealing why email marketing is not working for your business. We will also proffer solutions that you may wish to explore at the end of the article.

Saddle your sit belt and let’s ride ahead.

Why Email Marketing is not Working for Your Business 

You Sent Your Email at the Wrong Time

Email marketing is a very strategic activity. It requires lots of critical targeting and careful planning. The first thing you may need to consider here is the time to send your email.

When are they likely to read your email?

This question should be carefully analyzed because the success of email marketing depends much on the message being read by the receiver. It is unlikely for anyone to act on what the one never saw. So be careful to send your emails when people can read them. Well from experience, I can recommend that you do this within the hour of 6am and 10pm. Don’t send emails at midnight as most people will likely be asleep then.

Your Language was Faulty

As a student of semantics, I was taught that there are two levels of meaning, namely, denotation and connotation. While the former emphasized the ordinary meaning of words, the latter captured the figurative or creative essence of a given expression. So while “He is married to a woman” is considered denotative, “He is married to his vision” is seen as being connotative.

We are not ignorant of the fact that connotative language is very beautiful and quite interesting to read, but we also know that not many email readers have the patience to pause and reason out the hidden meanings of these expressions. So, business emails should be strictly formal. They should not be presented in flowery language. Ensure you use as many denotative expressions as possible.

Also remember to avoid needless mannerisms, abbreviations and internet jargons. Keep it formal and official.

Your Email was Too Long

The Internet is a very busy world. People have so many things to do within so short a timeframe that they are quite unlikely to read through a random email of more than a page. So a major reason for which email marketing is not working for your business may be because your messages are too long and largely boring to read through.

So, be simple, be precise, be concise. Don’t go about using different words that mean the same thing. Avoid boring your reader with long emails.

You Invested in Email Creation, But Not in List Growth.

Do you know that sending emails regularly does not mean you are growing your database? You may not have been learning from feedback – analytics, unsubscribe rates and anecdotal evidence – how to make your emails better.

Now emails don’t spread in the same way content does. A great piece of content can bring new readers to your site but a great email likely won’t add people to your list. For this reason, you need to invest time in both creating great emails and adding people to your list.

This comes down to carefully placing calls to action in the right places. For some, this could mean a pop-up or interstitial ad and for others, it means including them organically in your content. There are no right or wrong answers; it’s simply a matter of offering a value proposition to your site’s visitors. If the value of the content is high enough, people might simply want to be notified when there are new articles. E-books and reports are very good ways to grow an email list.

You may also experiment with forms, surveys, ads, landing pages, social media and video to see what prompts visitors to act.

You Did Not Make Any Call to Action

Remember that you are not sending out emails for the fun of doing so. You have specific aims and objectives. So while writing your email, always ensure that you clearly state your expectations of the reader.

What goods or service have you introduced to the reader, and how can the one access them?

The answer to these questions should be at the back of your mind the next time you compose an email for marketing.

Your Email is Not Readable on Smartphones

A large chunk of internet users, nowadays, make open their emails on smartphones. So, if your email is has contents that cannot be accessed on smartphones, it is likely that most people will not want to read your email.

So before you push out your email to people, send it to your phone and confirm that the contents are mobile phone friendly.

You May Not Know the prospective customer

Bulk e-mail marketing, most often, relies on random names and random people. This is a form of cold calling and it does not produce effective results. Instead of randomly sending emails to cover entire localities, one should always try to be specific while adding names to one’s mailing list. It is much more effective to send out information and advertise to your specific niche market.

You Hired the Wrong Guy

I understand that several business owners do not manage their email marketing themselves. They either do not have the time to do this or they lack the skill to do it well. If you fall within either of these categories, then it is very likely that you have hired someone to do the job for you.

Now if you have outsourced the job and you still are not recording any tangible progress, then you may have just hired the wrong guy. The wrong guy is the one who asks for more and more money without having any result to show for it. Maybe you need a better hand for your email marketing.

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